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Paigham-E-Islam Trust Britain  (Jamiat Al-Dawah Al-lslamiah Britania) is a registered  organisation (Charity No.508711) and has been serving the community since 1979.

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2nd :speech : 12.55 pm  - Jamat 1:15pm


A Young Man's Fear of Allah

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Happy is the one who will find in his record on the Day of Judgement much seeking of Allah’s forgiveness.” [Ibn Majah]

One day, Malik bin Dinar (rahimaullah) was passing by a place when he noticed a young man wearing old clothes and crying by the roadside. His name was Uthbah. Sweat was dripping down his body even though the temperature was very cold at that time. Malik bin Dinar became very surprised at this scene and asked Uthbah, "Oh young man, why are you crying? And why are you sweating in this cold temperature?"

Uthbah replied, "Once I committed a sin at this place. Today, as I was passing by this place, I remembered that sin." [Tambihul Ghafileen by Shaikh Abul Laith Samarkandi]

Look at how pious the early Muslims were. Today, we commit thousands of sins, yet we walk around happy and joyful as if we have nothing to worry about.

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